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City Lights – Boston Interactive Leadership Photo

  Our friends at Boston Interactive contacted us to shoot an updated look of their leadership team. After a few creative calls we wanted to do something that reflected their vibrant and fast paced image as well as show they were based in Boston, and more accurately Charlestown. We packed up and headed to Paul Revere Park and spent an afternoon scouting to find the best angle of the Zakim Bridge for the photo. After shooting well into the early evening we made some great images and had a fun time doing  it too!20121098_BostonInteractive_FinalFeb26

The whole team – Reservoir Dogs style – pack smart phones, not 45’s!


Michael reviews the images with art director, Karolina for the perfect shot


Business never stops, as the team continues to work as we took a quick 5 minute break.


How many Profoto heads would it take to light the Zakim bridge?


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