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Mayor Marty Walsh – A Man with Perspective

“I want people to know that I always listen to everyone — friends, strangers, or opponents alike and can make the tough decisions,” said Boston’s new Mayor, Marty Walsh, in his recent interview with Scene Magazine, and we couldn’t agree more! We got a first hand look into the Mayor’s passion for his new position and approachable personality during a shoot for the cover of Scene Magazine’s January issue.

We knew we had to come up with just the right background and lighting to make the Mayor’s cover photo reflect his strong presence.

Welcome, Mayor Walsh, to your new position, and we wish you the best of luck!

MichaelIndresanoPhotography_SceneMagazineCoverThe Mayor graces the cover of Scene Magazine



What a success! Even with a packed day of meetings and media, the Mayor and his team could not have been nicer or more understanding of the shoot process at our studio.


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Spring is Just Around the Corner


Michael surveys a sea of plants

It’s the middle of Winter and if Nature had its way, nothing would bloom. Well today we are seeing something that we usually don’t see this time of year – flowers and plants in full bloom. Michael took the team to Cavicchio Greenhouses in Sudbury to conjure up some Springtime magic, even if it’s below freezing outdoors. That’s no problem, as the temperature in these high-tech greenhouses is a comfortable 75 degrees all year round. Surrounded by glimpses of the Spring to come, seeds of a beautiful shoot are sown with the terrific team from BJs .

Michael Indresano Photography_BJsPhotoShoot_Flowers

Piece by piece everything comes together

Michael Indresano Photography _ BJs Photo Shoot_Flowers

Everyone doing their part in the creation of a beautiful cover shot

Michael Indresano Photography_BJs Photo Shoot_ Flowers

Stylist Courtney Kilmartin gives the flowers her creative attention

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