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Wouldn’t this be the perfect week to book a vacation?

We’re wishing to be back in the warm weather after all the snow from that blizzard last week!  The picturesque river ways of Watertown Massachusetts got our attention when we scouted this location for a shoot with AAA. It provided the perfect backdrop for the concept of this ad campaign. As the Indresano team set up for the shoot, we encountered a few little web-footed surprises. Take a look!


Here is our final product!


Curious onlookers decide to join the shoot.


Making friends everywhere we go.


A little pow-wow moment among the crew.


Michael directing the actor.


The crew making fine adjustments.


Keeping a canoe still is actually harder than it looks!


Our esteemed stylist Joji entices a duck to get off the set.

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Paris to the Carribean and Back

As promised, here is the second installment of the ads we created with our friends at AAA. It was a fun challenge to set-up a pool in sub freezing temperatures, assemble a 1000 piece puzzle and navigate through the crowd at Gillette stadium during a Patriots game.  We are always willing to go the extra mile  to have a happy and satisfied client at the end of the day!



TrainPlane Ad


A first for Michael (right) and Rob, muddying the waters was necessary.


How many assistants does it take to assemble a 1000 piece puzzle? We know!


Coming down the home stretch.


Game day at Foxboro! Last time we were here, it was shooting for the Patriots, this time AAA.


Michael and Rob will go to any lengths (or snow depths) to get the right angle.


The train emptied out and we worked quickly in a race against daylight.

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Dreaming of a Winter Vacation

Now that we have dug ourselves out from the blizzard of 2013 here in Boston, it seems fitting that we start fantasizing about going on a warm vacation. We were contacted by the creative team at AAA to make a series of images that would transform you from the routine of everyday to a place you would rather be. Here are the first two in the series with more to come!


The studio became a playroom for the day!


 Cinderella Barbie is ready for her close-up.



Michael and  Rob (left), landscape the set to remove some of the extra leaves for the perfect shot.

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