A Different Perspective

Sometimes we need to think outside of the box to create and capture that perfect shot. Rugged, durable, and authentic were the hot words of this shoot, while keeping the heritage of the Timberland brand top of mind. We loved the challenge of finding specific textures and backgrounds to help carry out this concept. Our favorite setup of the day included the bed of a vintage Ford pick up truck and a ten-foot ladder in order to snap the perfect bird’s eye view shot!


The final shot in Timberland’s Fall ’14 catalogue



The support actor: a vintage Ford pick up whose bed became the background of the featured Timberland Fall ’14 Collection
10 feet up in the air later, Michael was in place to get the shot!whitespace_thinnger4
Bird’s eye view

Steaming cup of coffee adds to the great outdoors feel of the shoot


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One thought on “A Different Perspective

  1. Amy says:

    Just got the Timberland catalog in the mail, and I’m sitting here stunned at the quality of the photography. (I’m in marketing communications–I can’t help it!)

    I recognized a Boston look and feel in the shots, and it prompted me to seek out who was behind them. Just wanted to leave a comment letting you know that your work is noticed and appreciated!

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