Brit Gets Stuck on Boston

Recently we were contacted for a photo shoot with the fabulous Brit Morin of  Brit +Co and her new partner Velcro Industries. With Brit flying in from San Francisco and the shoot scheduled just days away, we swiftly moved into production with a great crew to create an entire set made of VELCRO® Brand.  The shoot went flawlessly and the client was thrilled with the results, as was Brit. Look for her on the Velcro Industries site throughout the year, especially during the 2013 Holidays!





Verne and his assistant were seeing spots by the end of the day!


Ok not everything was made of VELCRO® Brand


Hair and make-up stylist, Jesse Lawson from Anchor Artists came prepared with every powder under the sun.


Jesse touches up Brit between shots.


Jim stands in for lighting. Rock star art director or just rock star?


Here she is…Miss Velcro!


Jim taking a photo of a photo of Jim.


A very stylish Natalia coordinates well with our VELCRO® Brand wall!

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One thought on “Brit Gets Stuck on Boston

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love the polka dot onesie on Natalia to match the wall! 🙂

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