Diary of a Photo Intern

Over the last 4 months, our intern, Elise Luskin has been a great addition to the studio. From helping organize to running out and getting an emergency prop,  she always had a positive attitude and did everything we asked! We will miss her, but the good news is Elise graduates this spring from Fitchburg State University and will be working with a wedding photographer this summer. Have a look at the highlights of her time at Indresano Photography in her own words below:


Prepping for the pasta shoot with Jen was really fun. I’d never seen someone make pasta from scratch before, so I was literally blown away.

My first Baskin Robbins shoot was very … chilly, but fun! Everyone told me it would be cold and that I should make sure to dress warmly, but I didn’t think it would be as cold as it was. I was wearing a fleece, a scarf, a hat, and mittens at one point! It was pretty interesting to watch Mary make the ice cream so perfect. The best part of watching her work was that the ice cream she was using was real (which is something that I didn’t know before I started interning here)!

During a Timberland shoot I got my first taste of shoe styling. I ironed and steamed the shoelaces, propped up the tongues of the shoes, and attempted to tie the rawhide laces in bows on the boat shoes (which isn’t as easy as it may appear). I also stuffed the backpacks to show off their natural shape, which now, I am a pro at.

A moment I will never forget!

As my internship comes to a close, my time at the studio flew by. In the past four months working here, I’ve had a lot of fun, met so many nice people and I have learned so much. I can’t wait to be able to test out everything I have learned from watching Michael work. Not only have I learned a lot about photography, but I’ve learned a lot about what goes into the shoot behind the scenes to make sure everything is successful and runs smoothly. I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Indresano Photography family!

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One thought on “Diary of a Photo Intern

  1. Linda Towne says:

    So proud of my niece, Elise!!! What a special way to recognize her efforts during her internship with Michael Indresano Photography. This has been an absolutely incredible opportunity for Elise …. I am so impressed with your work, Michael, as Elise has shared many of her experiences along the way. I am so envious of the photographic insight that she has acquired and the fun she has had being on the “inside” of your photo world!! Elise has had the perfect start to her photography career, and will go far with what she takes with her after having a mentor like you, Michael !!!

    I have to add that the Bruins photos have blown me away!!!! Unbelievably lifelike and exciting!!!!!!!

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