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Going Green

For a few months now, the studio has been taking the initiative to go green. We have been using a great company, Casella Waste Systems to handle our recycling. The great thing is that we don’t have to sort the recyclables. We put all of our cardboard, paper,  plastics, glass, and metal into one container and they separate them using a huge machine. Even though it is a cost to the studio, it is definitely worth helping the environment.

The studio used to drink case upon case of bottled water.  After realizing how detrimental plastic bottles are to the environment we decided to switch to a water fountain thanks to Stonybrook Water which has a multiple filter system.

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It’s always Sunny in Boston

Now that the weather has turned cold, we thought it would be nice to share a warm ice cream shoot we just shot. Food stylist Sunny Ricks helped us with some fantastic work making the ice cream look great. Now that we are past the darkest day of the year, lets hope for a short winter so we can eat cold ice cream again!

The finished results

Sunny carefully adjusts the waffle.

It takes one sheet of brownies to make one chocolate waffle hero.

Sunny adds the finishing touches to the sundae.

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Santa Claus comes to the Studio

Santa found the time to come to the studio last week for a quick photo shoot for Scene Magazine before the big night out later this month.

Hair and make-up artist, Rochelle Orlando gets Amber Shonts from Maggie Inc. ready for the shoot.

Scene Magazine Editor in Chief, Lauren Bayliss makes sure the presents look good enough for a Christmas morning.

Editorial Intern Lauren Rumrill helps Santa with his boots.

Santa gives Amber some art direction while looking at the shoot with his iPad.

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Cookie Tree

We’re getting ready for the holidays here at the studio!!

Monica from Ennis artfully styled this beautiful tree for our holiday card!

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Holiday Lights

A few months ago we were given the challenge of having to create holiday light backgrounds while making the products stand out and look great. It was not any easy job, but the final results below which just came into the Staples stores across the country, are nearly identical to what we accomplished in camera. One added benefit from the shoot is  now we have plenty of lights to decorate the studio!

Jen and Kendra worked hard to create these beautiful backgrounds.

Michael gave the electronics the white glove treatment, this was the perfect job for the OCD photographer!

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Just add Chips and a Pickle…

It is always a good day in the studio when we are shooting food, especially when it is something tasty like these sandwiches.

Monica from Ennis  artfully applied the mustard and arranged the arugula when styling the food and the results were so good it made us hungry. Fortunately, the sun was shining and daylight savings did not put us in the dark too early.


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Behind the Black and Gold Photo Shoot

We have received great feedback from everyone regarding the Boston Bruins photo shoot we did in September, now we would like to share the behind-the-scenes video we made over the three days of shooting at the TD Garden.

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WOW! What a Fun Shoot!

We like to have fun at the studio during shoots, but this day was an especially good time. The models did an awesome job getting into character and amazingly had tons of  great frames that it made it hard to edit down to just one. Check out the stop motion video of a few of the outtakes and see for yourself.

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Creativity International Awards

Congratulations to us for winning the a Creativity International Award for the Mayo Bowl Fundraiser!!

Check out our award winning images of the New England Patriots!!

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