A Different Perspective

Sometimes we need to think outside of the box to create and capture that perfect shot. Rugged, durable, and authentic were the hot words of this shoot, while keeping the heritage of the Timberland brand top of mind. We loved the challenge of finding specific textures and backgrounds to help carry out this concept. Our favorite setup of the day included the bed of a vintage Ford pick up truck and a ten-foot ladder in order to snap the perfect bird’s eye view shot!


The final shot in Timberland’s Fall ’14 catalogue



The support actor: a vintage Ford pick up whose bed became the background of the featured Timberland Fall ’14 Collection
10 feet up in the air later, Michael was in place to get the shot!whitespace_thinnger4
Bird’s eye view

Steaming cup of coffee adds to the great outdoors feel of the shoot


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Life’s a Little Sweeter with UNREAL Candy

Mouth watering tastes and eye-catching colors filled the studio when UNREAL came on set to shoot their bold new packaging. We love what UNREAL is about- great tasting candy made with all natural ingredients, or in other words, candy that is “unjunked”. That made us feel a little less guilty as we snacked on candy coated chocolates and peanut butter cups throughout the day!

MichaelIndresanoUnreal_Combo_2Mmm, the final product!



Vans wrapped in UNREAL wrappers



Sampling the product while on set



The UNREAL logo precisely carved into a peanut butter cup


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Mayor Marty Walsh – A Man with Perspective

“I want people to know that I always listen to everyone — friends, strangers, or opponents alike and can make the tough decisions,” said Boston’s new Mayor, Marty Walsh, in his recent interview with Scene Magazine, and we couldn’t agree more! We got a first hand look into the Mayor’s passion for his new position and approachable personality during a shoot for the cover of Scene Magazine’s January issue.

We knew we had to come up with just the right background and lighting to make the Mayor’s cover photo reflect his strong presence.

Welcome, Mayor Walsh, to your new position, and we wish you the best of luck!

MichaelIndresanoPhotography_SceneMagazineCoverThe Mayor graces the cover of Scene Magazine



What a success! Even with a packed day of meetings and media, the Mayor and his team could not have been nicer or more understanding of the shoot process at our studio.


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Spring is Just Around the Corner


Michael surveys a sea of plants

It’s the middle of Winter and if Nature had its way, nothing would bloom. Well today we are seeing something that we usually don’t see this time of year – flowers and plants in full bloom. Michael took the team to Cavicchio Greenhouses in Sudbury to conjure up some Springtime magic, even if it’s below freezing outdoors. That’s no problem, as the temperature in these high-tech greenhouses is a comfortable 75 degrees all year round. Surrounded by glimpses of the Spring to come, seeds of a beautiful shoot are sown with the terrific team from BJs .

Michael Indresano Photography_BJsPhotoShoot_Flowers

Piece by piece everything comes together

Michael Indresano Photography _ BJs Photo Shoot_Flowers

Everyone doing their part in the creation of a beautiful cover shot

Michael Indresano Photography_BJs Photo Shoot_ Flowers

Stylist Courtney Kilmartin gives the flowers her creative attention

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A Home In Everyone Of Us


In the hustle and bustle of holiday activities, we invite you to take a pause and reflect on the meaning of home. As those less fortunate than ourselves struggle to find shelter this holiday season, we are reminded that charitable work is like the beacon that guides us back to that place of warmth, compassion, and love. Michael Indresano Photography has joined with Pine Street Inn, the leader in the fight against homelessness, to carry on the mission of hope. The moral address in us is a place we can all call home.

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Taking The Show On The Road With Timberland

Timberland Company boot photo shoot - CommercialPhotography_Boston

These boots are definitely made for walking.

There is no doubt each time we step out of the door it’s an adventure. This time was with our good friends at Timberland. Shooting outdoors has its special challenges but between the clamor of traffic and curious onlookers we got down to business capturing the right photo environment. Respect & appreciation goes to the Boston Police Department for their assistance in crowd control while the Team worked their magic.


Taking on the busy streets of Boston



Boston Police Department assisting with the shoot!



Outdoor Studio


“Celebrity” trailer


What to try on first???



Anthony is ready for his close up!

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Mullen and Grain Foods Foundation

Eating healthy is not only something that has been trending, it has changed the way modern people live. We were very excited to join with the creative team at Mullen to produce this series of grain photos. Raising public awareness about the importance of grain-based foods in building a healthier lifestyle is something we are very enthusiastic about. Don’t forget to check out our video at the bottom.







Want to see how our talented team worked together on this production? Check out our video!

Our Best Foot Forward

It is not every day that we have an opportunity to work with a client that is a completely new company. We were thrilled to have the chance to work with the very cool people at Topo Athletic as they were launching a whole new brand of footwear. Being part of company in it’s infancy is very exciting and we are looking forward to watching them grow. Below are some of the collateral pieces used for their website and sales catalog, enjoy!



mi-topo-6 copy


mi-topo-7 copy


mi-topo-8 copy





Tui Stark from Ennis, expertly places the shoes on set.



The next pair are ready to go!



Michael is famous for making sure every detail is lit perfectly.

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Thank you Bruins, for all of your hard work.

As many of you know we have a close relationship with the Boston Bruins.

Like all Bruins fans, we were devastated at the end of Monday night’s game.

Here at Indresano Photography, we would rather look back and enjoy the many positives of their playoff run.

Some of the highlights included; miraculously scoring twice with 90 seconds left to tie game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs, then winning 6:05 into overtime 5-4, with a beauty of a goal from assistant captain Patrice Bergeron. Sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins and winning the Eastern Conference title, which was made extra sweet by sticking it to Jarome Iginla, who spurned us in the 11th hour of the trade deadline.

So no, the Bruins didn’t skate away with the Stanley  Cup, but they certainly made up for it this season with teamwork, dedication, and a city of fans that truly are “Boston Strong”.


Smoothie Power!

With the change in weather, we thought it was time to get fit and ready for the summer. We started off our beach diet shooting with the great a client to get some healthy and tasty images into their cafes. All of the smoothies were delicious and gave us the energy to power through and create great pictures all day long! See below for a few of the final ads;

1302 STREET DSC-1 -


1302 STREET DSC-2-




Food stylist, Maria del Mar Sacasa works her magic on set.



Maria carefully tops off the hero smoothie.



Mmmmm Peanut Butter Cookies! The Cookie Monster would be in heaven!



Michael and Maria discuss the perfect placement of these tasty cookies.



All artists need paint brushes; in this case the canvass is food!

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